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 Linker's GM App's~

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PostSubject: Linker's GM App's~   Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:16 pm

Name: Mark Anthony Perreira

Sex: male

Age: 19

State/Country: Phillipines

Languages: Tagalog, English

About me:
Well, i am very friendly, cheerfull person
i love to play volleyball since i was young
and now i am a current varsity volleyball player..

Flyff Experience:
Uhm, i played FlyffPH since V6 and so on to v14,
I enjoyed the experience been playing Flyff..
and it's so memorable to me cuz of my friends that helped me..
it was so hard to lvl like it was .01exp per monster o-o..
after i get hero i quitted then.. and find some pservers to chillout,
then i heard bout flyfordemocracy, and then i tried to play it.. it was fun playing there with my guildm8s like almost filipino's are joining with me,
ever since im a normal player i tried to help other people solving their
problems.. so i tried to apply as a GM and work as much as possible
and i'm so happy i get hired working with those cool/awesome staff's..

GM experience:
I have a experience of being a GM also,
my friend created a pserver called turtleflyff,
after he opened the server he told me that i was going to be a GM,
i love to help people in game,
even if im GM or not im willing to help who needs me :]..
im familiar with the GM codes so i dont have to worry bout the commands..
i've been a GM also at FFD, it's fun working with the staff's and people
there.. and i know lot's of staff's here know me, i want to work with ya'll guyz
together :3

Why should you hire me?
Well, i think i would do my best to help the team..
mostly the people that who needs to be guided..
and it's an honor for me to help everybody not just
to take advantage for powers..

Hours online Time:
i'm pretty much online all day like 15hours and so on,
cuz 4pm in the afternoon i use to play volleyball with my friends
[that is everyday]

Thanks for reading :3
Im here Again Applying cheers
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Linker's GM App's~
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