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 NaNa's GM Application

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PostSubject: NaNa's GM Application   Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:14 pm

Name: Hye Ree Jeong

Sex: Female

Age: 20

State/Country: US

Languages: Korean, English

About me:
Im a South Korean who has been living in US for almost 3 years
Im usually nice to people unless they don’t show respect to others,
or i lose my temper on certain circulmstances. [i will just say quite untill im clam again ]
I was told that im very out going and kind hearted person [according to my friends]

MMORPG's Played:
Kingdom of Wind [2years]
Legend of Darkness [4years]
Dungeon and Fighters [6 years]
(↑ they were all Korean ones)
Maple Story [10 mins lol]
FFD for 3 months

Flyff Experience
i've played FFD for about 3 months
i didn't get to play any other version of flyff lower then v14
but im not total clueness player who doesn't know how to play
[i won't say im pro player because i think there are things i still don't know]

GM experience:
I was GM for FFD for about a month or 2 month [as many people know ]
and alot of other games but i won't list them because its sort of pointless since its not flyff ^^

Why should you hire me?
I've worked with all the staff here
so they know how active staff i am
and what kind of person i am
also, so far as i know, i didn't receive any complains from them.
which can prove that i can work well with other staff
i might be wrong but yeah...
and im pretty helpful staff according to other players
altho... i did break the rule once...
i am very shame of that fact and wish i can take back my action very time i think about it...
[saddly i can't tho...]
just hope that you guys can excuse my mistake..
since im human, im not perfect so i do make mistakes
and i will do everything in my powers to prevent myself from making another mistake.

Hours online Time:
im a manager of Bakery so i have flexible schedule at work, so im home often [because usually i hate going outside > _<], and when im home and not sleeping, im online XD [so properly 6+ hrs].
expect for Sunday because I gotta go to church T-T [Jesus ftw!!! > _<]

XAT Box Online Time:
same as above~

Thanks for all you took your time and reading ~ ♡

PS: i just posted this app using my old format but if you guys have a certain format you want us to follow, let me know, i'll edit ~
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NaNa's GM Application
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