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 ~Jazz GM Application~

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PostSubject: ~Jazz GM Application~   Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:45 am

First Of all i am not expecting as good but i want to help this server out to bring its best and to let out its true skills .
For all the people who will read this application or have read my application , thank you and god bless to us! * MORE POWER TO Ethereal *


Hours Of Playing:
* Weekdays * ( 5 pm - 10 pm )
* Weekends * ( 7 am - 11 pm )


Location (Include the GMT):
Philippines, GMT+8

-I speak English fluently.
-I also speak tagalog to those filipino's that can't much understand english.

A few things about yourself:
-If I had to describe myself in a few words, I'd use the word inventive, witty, temperamental, calm and straightforward. I begin a relationship with respect, because respect is the backbone of any society. I'm patient, always have an answer - however not always tactful, but I'm only human. I say what's on my mind and I pride myself in it.
-Yes, I do have pride, but I also have the maturity to lay down my pride every so often to be the bigger man.I'm experienced with leading, moreover, I'm comfortable with it too. Left-handed, it's fact that I therefor use my right brain lobe, which stands for creativity, intuition and insight. I'm very insightful, and I have a creepy sense of the human psychology. I can tell you exactly why you did something even if you don't know yourself. I haven't studied psychology, mind you, it's just something I know. I know a lot of things that I don't know I knew, odd things, helpful things. Moreover, I'm willing to help just about anyone who needs my help, whether petty or not. Overall, I'm better at English than at Filipino/Tagalog, however unfortunate, due to having dealt more with English than Filipino/Tagalog over the past few years.

-A few negative things could be that I'm painfully honest at times, something people might not always appreciate. On top of that, I'm willing to make a joke out of everything if the situation calls for it and I'm sarcastic to the bone. Yep. I have dry, sarcastic humor.

Why should we hire you?:
-I pride myself in being mentally mature. I'm open-minded to just about anything and nothing shocks me. Having worked for Customer's Service for games where clients would just randomly call you names has done me good - of course it's never nice to be called names, especially not as personal as on the phone - and I was taught to always help everyone with a smile, with respect and with a polite, pleasant attitude. Nothing can stress me out, and nothing can make me lose my professionalism.
-I have no problem what so ever to follow orders. I know the drill.
-I warn spammers ONCE. If they don't stop spamming, i will mute them.
-I know a lot have changed now since you gut the new files, but i still believe that i can do the job.
-I believe i can do the job because i can control my mind and don't freak out or panic.
-I can cope up with many filipino players with their * spanked * english words ( not all filipinos are good english speakers )

What is your experience in-game:
-I played a lot of Philippine Flyff ( Bubble server )
-I have 1 Hero Billposter(*sold from a friend of mine*) , 118-M Blade( *still continuing and my main character for now* )
-I played flyff from 4 yrs and still continuing

What do you think you can bring to EtherealFlyff in-game:
-I can bring a good server quality that Ethereal can achieve with me because i know that i can do a lot by making a disciplined and well working with other server staff.
-My mind will never think about bringing down Ethereal server instead ill give a notice about newbies and have a little event if i have a permission on admin.

How well do you work with people:
-First of all i like playing as a group because for me there will be a good job if you work as a team.
-I am not a very Close-minded person , im a good listener of thoughts and beliefs of other people.
-I treat all as equals ( no friends , no relatives , no favoritism )
-You can hide secrets on me.

Have you worked as a GM or Admin for any other private server?:
i knew about /system , /item

Thanks for reading my application!
~ ( God bless ) ~ Smile

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PostSubject: Re: ~Jazz GM Application~   Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:03 am

Can you please provide proof of your GM experience? Maybe some screenshots?

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PostSubject: Re: ~Jazz GM Application~   Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:44 am

Me and other admin of FlyforNitak....

But FlyforNitak is Dead.
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PostSubject: Re: ~Jazz GM Application~   

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~Jazz GM Application~
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