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 Hypo's GM App.

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PostSubject: Hypo's GM App.   Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:26 am

Name: Nathan

Xat Name: Nate~Hypothermia

Location: Oklahoma

IGN: Hypothermia

Flyff Experience as a player: I started playing eflyff in v4, played on lawolf as an rm until I finally managed to take a short break as fame came online. Spent the next year or so going back and forth between private servers and eflyff until I finally managed to quit eflyff altogether, I managed to bring myself to the realization that it takes up too much time that I don't have, especially with college. Private servers let me play throughout the school year without cutting into my time too much.

Flyff Experience as a GM: Nothing much, was a gm on Iflyff for a short while, played a few gm characters that weren't mine for friends when they would leave for a few days so it didn't seem like they had gone inactive.

Hours online per day: uhm, I'd say 4~8 depending on the day and how many people are online and whether or not I have something to do irl that day.

Personal information: I'm 18, going to be a sophomore working for my psychology degree. Stalk Thomas apparently even though I don't go to south side for anything aside from work. I think I'm pretty easy to get along with, as long as you don't try to start an argument or claim to know something that you don't. Pretty easy going for the most part and enjoy learning things I don't know. uhmmmmmmmm, oh and I realize the gm spots have been filled, but this is just for the temp. gm spot when Lynn goes on vacation in July since I'll still be on vacation and have plenty of free time for the game. I think that about does it.
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Hypo's GM App.
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