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PostSubject: GM App   Sat Jun 12, 2010 2:22 am

Name:Marco Mönninghoff
Age :17.

From: Germany.
Languages:German, English.

Flyff Experience: I play Flyff now since v6 on the german flyff server Burudeng.
I got there a Bp lvl 74-M and some other chars between 80 and
Sometimes if i am bored im going there and killing some ppl Smile
I simply know ALOT of Flyff. Cool

Game Master Experience:
I worked over 6 Months as a GM with every day over 400 ppl online.
I also got a own server, only with cali files, but it was for testing GM commands etc.
Sometimes im working as a GM on not really famous server, only for fun Smile
I known nearly ALL commands, so that wouldn´t be a problem for me. Smile

Hours Online: Monday 3.00 Pm - 9.00 Pm
Tuesday 3.00 Pm - 10.00 Pm
Wednesday 4.00 Pm - 9.00 Pm
Thursday 2.30 Pm - 10.00 Pm
Friday 1.30 Pm - xx.xx (verry long)
Saturday x.xx Pm - xx.xx (verry long)
Sunday x.xx Pm - xx.xx (verry long)

Why to choose me ?
I Think i am a friendly and nice person and i also like to help
User ingame. I definitely love to make event´s to see the
user Happy <3.

I hope you'll accept it

[edited by xStrawberry: posted originally in the wrong section.]
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GM App
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