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 Meadow's GM Application

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PostSubject: Meadow's GM Application   Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:12 am

Loui Lois Salazar

Xat Name:

Baguio City, Philippines ( GMT+8 )


Flyff Experience as a player:
Flyff is first online game i played. I've been playing Flyff since v6 but i stopped because
of some issues in real life. I played again in v7 until v11 in PH Flyff or Philippine Flyff but
stopped due to that my computer got burned out and need to change it for a new one
but sadly i bought a laptop after a year which im still using it now to play flyff. Im still
visiting my official flyff account, but never play it for like more than 2 hrs since i got bored
with the official Flyff. I know a lot about Flyff, like Quests, Jobs, and etc.

Flyff Experience as a GM:
The first time i became GM was on FFD. That was my first application too in my whole life.
I applied because i want to help the community and want to work with the staffs of FFD.
I was a GM there for like less than a month. And with that short span of time i familiarized
myself with the codes which i think very important in game. So shorten this thing, im a good/pro GM.

I can control my temper when someone is annoying me. All i do is to ignore them or warn them.
I think i did great in FFD when it was still good. When im going afk sometimes i make a private
shop that has "Questions? Leave it here" so that if they have question they will just leave it there
and I can answer it when i get back.

GM Screenshot

Hours online per day:
4-13 hrs a day. Yes you heard it right. Even if its 3am here im still
online and in game. So LOL. xD

Personal information:

English isn't my first language but i can understand and communicate properly. My main language
is Filipino/ Tagalog. Its good that i speak English and Tagalog since this might help players if they
do not understand something and i can reword, rephrase, or translate it for them.

About me:
I am 18 years of age at the moment and my birthday is coming near. I am a very honest person, fun
to be with, friendly, caring, and most of the time awesome. I really love listening to music, I am open
in any things, I kept secret a secret.I'm currently taking Bachelor of Science in Nursing and currently in
4th year College. Even though im taking up a Medical course i still have a lot of knowledge about
computers. I Photoshop and costumized a lot of things. I guess that's it for me now.

Thank you for spending time, reading my awesome application. I wish a good luck to all other applicants.
Any comments/suggestions are accepted just post it here or send me a message. Smile

~Loui (Meadow) Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven
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Meadow's GM Application
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