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 Beast's GM Application.

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PostSubject: Beast's GM Application.   Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:05 pm

June 3, 2010.


Tyler in real life. In game I am many names, and have been many names.
I'm mostly Beast and Tyliferous, but I've been known as Tass.

Indiana, USA. I'm a college student; in my Junior year. I'm a double major: English Literature and English Writing.
My sig on the forums isn't just funny, and it isn't just because Pulp Fiction is awesome... it's because I value people who can speak and type decent English.


I'm on my laptop alot.
My school has awesome WiFi so I can connect pretty much anywhere.
I dig gaming, though mostly computer and less console. I used to play PS, but I don't have a TV currently...
I love music. Music is awesome. I like pretty much anything with a good beat. It was fine. I can listen to Frank Sinatra. I can listen to Carameldansen. It just depends on my mood, I guess.

I have played Flyff since v6. (So several years. I think I started when I was 15... and now I'm 20.)
I played on Glaphan (Level 105 Blade, several alts.)
I have played on Demian (Level 105 Blade, several alts.)
I have played on another FlyFF private server (high rate) and made several Heros there. (Not going to say the name for fear of advertising.)
I've played different classes so I'm used to each one, I can run each class efficiently in the field and in PVP.
Wherever I go I seem to be popular: people gravitate to me...
I've ran a few successful guilds.
I've ran a few guild events, giving out prizes from my own pocket.

I have been a GM on a Ragnarok Online private server for about two years. Specifically retRO; a high rate PVP based server. I can get proof if need-be. In fact, my GM's name was Valentine.
I'm extremely active in game, and on the forums as well.
I know RO GM commands really well. There's a formula to it all.
I can effectively run events. I can deal with crowds. I can deal with people who need help; whether it be game-related or something else...
When the server is down, I've been known to use MSN or MediaFire/MegaUpload to host files for people, so they can have what they need to get into the game.
If there is a problem I cannot solve, I find someone who can.

I was a GM of a Flyff server for 3 months. My GM's name was Beast.
Unfortunately, it didn't work out. The Owner and his staff didn't get along, so we all quit and made a new server.
He didn't treat his staff that well anyways, in my opinion.
We had a lot of wipes because the Admin didn't take care of his server, and we had a lot of problems because... well... of the Owner.
So I know the codes through and through. I'm heavily familiar with v14 codes and I'm getting used to v15.

Other skills:
I am inventive and imaginative.
I type well, as you can tell.
I am inquisitive.
I make sure I have all the facts before I make a decision.
When I have a problem, I try not to "freak out" and look like a child- I am concise and present my problem, then try to solve it.
I don't have time for children.
FFD is SRS BSNS. (serious business.)
I feel like I am personable. People take a liking to me; maybe it's because I'm smart, maybe it's because I'm funny.

I can have a temper.
I can be condescending.
I have a sense of humor that takes getting used to for some.
I cuss alot.
I am going to be extremely bored if I can't run a ton of events or something... even if I don't get to hand out prizes, I want to be doing something to keep the community entertained.
I have spawned items before, for my main. I will admit that to you now instead of trying to hide it. It's a touchy subject, yes, but if you read any of my posts on here concerning Wipes, and Item Spawning- you will see that I am adamantly against it. I learned my lesson.
I might be tempted to Rick Roll the server using /sys.

I have a social life outside of Flyff, though that might be hard to believe. (haha.)
I'll have a summer job.
But other then that I'm online all day and night. Literally.

Am I awesome:



In conclusion, pick me. (:

(Feel free to comment or PM and ask if you need any further information.)

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PostSubject: ^^   Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:11 pm


"...born and bred feisty Kentucky girls... We have sugar and fire in our blood.
We can ride a horse, be a débutante, throw a left hook and tell you the entire
UK line up all while making sweet tea. And if we have an opinion, you get to
know it. We're both the pride and the downfall of the bluegrass...”

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PostSubject: Re: Beast's GM Application.   Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:38 pm


Tyler was here and fucked everything up.
Jon wrote:
Linus will not 'massage' you. Also he is an admin.

Daniel wrote:
Tyler you are an asshole.

"I wanna tell her she's hot. I can't tell her she's hot- she'll think I'm sexist. She's so hot she's making me sexist... bitch."
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PostSubject: Re: Beast's GM Application.   Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Beast's GM Application.   

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Beast's GM Application.
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